Calais Campbell will be watching the scoreboard during Sunday’s game, hoping Colts lose

Some football players say they never pay attention to anything other than the game they’re playing in. Ravens defensive lineman Calais Campbell is not one of those players.

To make the playoffs, the Ravens need to beat the Steelers on Sunday and hope the Colts, Dolphins and Chargers all lose. The Colts’ game is simultaneous with the Ravens’ game, and Campbell says he’ll be watching the Colts score.

“Of course I’m going to be looking at the scoreboard,” Campbell said.

Campbell acknowledged that the Ravens are long shots to make the playoffs, but he added that “I’ve seen crazier things happen.”

Even if the Ravens win and the Colts lose, the Ravens won’t know if they’re in the playoffs until the day is over, because they need the Dolphins to lose in the late afternoon and the Chargers to lose on Sunday Night Football. But Campbell hopes he leaves the stadium on Sunday still having a chance for the season to keep going.